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How to Successfully Juggle Being a Mum and an Entrepreneur
By Alison Basson

As mums we already have a busy life and it is a well known fact that women are great at juggling a hundred and one things at once. But when it comes to taking on a small business as well, things get a little more challenging. As any business mum already knows it can be challenging trying to juggle the children and a business smoothly but it can be done and you don't need to be 'superwomen'.

Organisation and a 'great well oiled plan' is the key if you wish to create a successful business and lifestyle.

When becoming a mum in business it is important to have a balance between your children/family and your small business, otherwise your new business will take over. A business doesn't grow over night so don't try and make it - a few extra hours a week will not achieve this.

If you want to create a successful professional small business you will need to make some decisions about when you are going to work in your business and who will look after the children at those times. So here are some great tips to help you successfully juggle both:

1. Have a routine and plan your day. Write down everything you need to do and achieve. Include personal and business goals and then put together a weekly action plan and daily task list. It will make it easier if you can dedicate set days to your business and then you can do all your business tasks on those days.

2. Separate your work and family time. Make a clear distinction between the two. Set time aside for your family and avoid working in family time. Trying to work with children in tow is not a great recipe for success and not very fair on your children.

• Set up an office environment away from the children. - This will help you to focus on work and be professional.

• When making phone calls - children will always interrupt so make your business calls when they are asleep or when someone else can watch them. It is not professional to make calls with noisy children in the background.

• Do the day-to-day running of the business. If you look after your children full time, working when the children are asleep can be a great option.

3. Have set working days. This will help you to focus on your business with no interruptions from your children. If you need some additional time to concentrate on the business then consider having your children looked after for a period of time each week by a relative or friend, Childcare or Family Day Care or a Nanny?

4. Get help from experts. If you try and do everything yourself, you will pay a high price - your health, family time and an unsuccessful business. Outsource tasks to experts; use their knowledge to help you grow your business. Recruit a PR person, a bookkeeper, an admin person etc.

5. Know what you want to achieve from your business. Having definite objectives will help you to work towards your goals. Break them down into smaller goals that you can achieve as you work towards your ultimate goals. It is much better than having everything going round in your head and being unsure whether you are actually achieving anything.

By following these few steps, your business will develop the strong foundations it needs to succeed. Remember, building a business takes time, and you must be patient and dedicated to be successful.

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